We’d like to give you a glimpse of a country that is not only rich in beauty, culture and art, but also boasts an unforgettable sensory experience. Italy is a country blessed with a variety of extraordinary gifts to share with its guests. It is also a country that is welcoming all year long. Whether you’d like to explore Italy’s living past, sample intoxicating flavors, or relax beneath calm blue skies, everything you’ll need to start planning your trip will be discovered in the following pages. The warmth of the Italian people and plethora of art and nature is ever-present with a uniquely balanced harmony.
Italy is well known as being an inspiration for artists all over the world and those seeking beauty can also count on Italy as a place to admire and explore from head to toe and it boasts a collection of many masterpieces of the Greek and Roman civilization, the Medieval age, as well as that of the Renaissance.
Italy’s profound appeal is found throughout the entire country for many reasons. Its wealth of centuries old history, its impressive heritage of art objects and ancient buildings, its beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, splendid lakes and peaceful hills, often covered with grapes and olive trees, are all things Italy.
Made in Italy is an expression that recalls the image of high-quality Italian products throughout the world. Made in Italy is an authentic brand symbolizing the excellence of Italian artisanship and manufacturing. Italian products bearing the prestigious Made in Italy title are highly-coveted the world over – for their integrity and durability, design originality and creativity, and for their distinct tastes and flavors with the elevated taste, quality, and sophisticated research, perfect union of traditions and innovation
Italy gives travelers the opportunity to dine on incredible food, enjoy remarkable wine, purchase unique art crafts and of course shop in some of the finest fashionable shops in the world.
There are so many possibilities, and all found in one impressive unique country. That is Italy.


Roots tourism is an innovative initiative launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to promote the so-called “return tourism”: trips to our country by Italians and Italo-descendants residing abroad to rediscover their ancestry and family stories, their territories of origin, cultural traditions, handicrafts and food and wine.

Through “roots tourism” the objective is to strengthen their ties with Italy, contribute to the sustainable growth of regional realities, mobilize resources for the preservation of the real estate, historical and cultural heritage of our country in line with the promotional action carried out by the Farnesina’s “Vivere all’Italiana” initiatives.

This tourism model can attract a potential basin of 60 to 80 million of Italian descendants, who intend to re-establish contact with their ancestral home and rediscover a feeling of belonging with their places of origin: many of them live in the United States.