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4 hours ago
On #MLKDay, we join together with all Americans to celebrate and honor the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

His fight for justice helped secure essential civil rights for Black Americans and inspired others in the US and across the globe. https://t.co/nH4KvviGOm
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2 days ago
With €609 million total value in bike exports, over 1.7 million bikes sold abroad as of 2019 and a market that makes up 53% of saddle exports around the world, Italy is a cycling powerhouse! Italian creativity is unique and unparalleled.

3 days ago
One last goodbye and tribute to @EP_President David Sassoli. Thanks to @EPWashingtonDC. https://t.co/5EHaAjbkDU
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EPWashingtonDC @EPWashingtonDC
Today we opened a book of condolences in memory of @EP_President David Sassoli. It has just been signed by the Ambassador of Italy to the USA, @MAZappia. In her message to his family and the European Parliament, the Ambassador thanked the late President for his amazing example. https://t.co/uwnsPY87rL
3 days ago
Last month, @Quirinale & @googlearts teamed up to offer an unparalleled glimpse into #Italy's Quirinal Palace! Thanks to incredible new tech, virtual visitors can learn its history, see its treasures, & discover delicate works of art & architecture.

https://t.co/6Xoatqc4hg https://t.co/TyvkyJ3wyp
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3 days ago
Why invest in #Italy🇮🇹?

You'll learn what it takes to #BeIT! Italy serves as a leader in robotics, fashion, design and food.

More via @ITATradeAgency👇
https://t.co/a5arSjH0Ni https://t.co/0dmQFuCoan
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160th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Italy and the United States of America