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50 minutes ago
#AmbVarricchio conferred to Stefano Bertuzzi, Maria Cristina Cassetti, Francesca Macchiarini and Massimo Stiavelli the Order of the Star of #Italy, bestowed by the President of the Republic, for their outstanding contributions to physics and medicine. Italy is proud of you! https://t.co/J6XTY80OzU ItalyinUS photo
10 hours ago
Last week, @MiC_Italia announced plans to build a high-tech, retractable stage in the Colosseum.

The work will be completed by 2023 and will allow visitors to view the Colosseum's walls just as ancient Roman gladiators would have.

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1 day ago
The Embassy of Italy is mourning the loss of our friend and colleague Antonio Verde, former Italian Consul General in Los Angeles. Our thoughts are with his family. https://t.co/aR0X1ENjIb
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Italy in Los Angeles @ItalyinLA
It is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to ex-Consul General of Italy in LA, Antonio Verde. He served our country proudly from Tokyo to LA & Cairo. Touching many lives, he will be missed. We extend our condolences to his family & friends. Arrivederci Console. https://t.co/lvnEQh1Kmq
1 day ago
In a cave outside Rome, archaeologists' incredible discovery of the remains of 9 Neanderthals—one of whom likely lived nearly 100,000 years ago—is changing what we know about the history of Italy and humanity itself.

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Ministero della cultura @MiC_Italia
#NEANDERTHAL / New discoveries in the Guattari Cave (Italy) place the Circeo area among the most important ones in the world about the knowledge of our ancestors: new research bring to light fossil finds which are attributable to 9 Neanderthal individuals. https://t.co/A3wGRwznEG https://t.co/4iSJlVp0eH
1 day ago
Join leading researchers from @NASAGoddard, @INFN_, @Columbia, @Princeton and @queensu for a discussion about dark matter, a challenging and mysterious substance that is believed to account for 85% of our universe.

🗓 5/13
🕛 12 pm ET
🔗 https://t.co/1V2mcTDcic https://t.co/wK8KIz0KfY
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160th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Italy and the United States of America