#GreenEmbassy Initiative

Italy is committed to protecting the climate and our environment, and the Embassy of Italy is doing its part to support that mission. Throughout 2021, we are taking steps and initiatives to become a #GreenEmbassy.

We are starting by implementing new best practices to increase and improve energy efficiency. Lower energy consumption equals less emissions and more sustainability.

It’s on all of us to do our part to make our planet a priority.

Lighting Efficiency (March, 5 2021)
We are pursuing lighting efficiency at the Embassy. Addressing lighting can be a simple way to reduce a building’s energy use & related greenhouse gasses. Conserving lighting use and adopting more efficient technologies can yield substantial energy savings.

#MilluminodiMeno (March, 26 2021)
The Embassy participated in #MilluminodiMeno, the Italian national day for green energy and sustainability, by limiting the use of electricity and turning off lights in our building.

#GreenEmbassy #Recycling
Did you know that the U.S. produces nearly 300 million tons of trash every year? The Embassy is doing our part to reduce that number.

Last month the Embassy focused on lighting efficiency as part of the #GreenEmbassy initiative. This month, we are adopting further measures to manage and reduce waste. The ultimate goal of waste reduction is to have zero waste! Together, when we “”go circular” by reusing and recycling as much as we can, we’re one step closer to a more sustainable environment!