Celebrating 160 Years of US-Italian Diplomatic Relations

The Embassy of Italy in Washington, DC, the Atlantic Council’s Europe Center, and ISPI – Italian Institute for International Political Studies hosted a public event celebrating the 160th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Italy and the United States, on Tuesday, April 13. This virtual event, held under the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic, features a series of discussions on the US-Italian partnership and opportunities for future cooperation in the political, economic, and scientific fields. The event was followed by an exclusive virtual performance by the National Symphony Orchestra at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, featuring world-renowned Italian conductor Maestro Gianandrea Noseda.

As the Biden and Draghi Administrations take office, this timely anniversary is a pivotal moment in the US-Italian partnership and broader transatlantic alliance. The United States and Italy can leverage their strong historic ties to foster international cooperation on global challenges such as COVID-19 relief, economic recovery, and combatting climate change, among other issues. This day of celebration and dialogue provides an opportunity for experts on both sides of the Atlantic to explore the political dimension of the US-Italian partnership, discuss the potential for cooperation on a sustainable global future, and set the stage for the next century of diplomatic relations.

This event is available on Facebook.